The California Indian Museum and Cultural Center (CIMCC) offers a variety of experiences that include: the Ishi Exhibit, Precious Cargo exhibit, the California Indian Edward S.Curtis collection, the Dugan Aguilar Collection, Native STEM Maker program, and Museum Store. Please allocate two hours of your day to visit the museum. CIMCC is a self-guided museum and provides online resources for further in-class and in-gallery study via the Education Center portal and Native STEM Maker Program.

To schedule a guided tour or the Native STEM Maker program for your group call in advance: 707-579-3004 or request it online: CIMCC Field Trip Request Form

Ishi Exhibit Tour

An exhibition that seeks to enrich and expand the story of Ishi and build upon the public’s awareness and appreciation of California Indian history. For many years, Ishi’s legacy has been a non native construct framed by public and scientific fascination with stereotypical views of the past. The new exhibit’s approach is to reframe Ishi’s legacy through the inclusion of California Indian voices and perspectives on issues, and to build upon current scholarship that helps to change the ways in which Ishi’s legacy is characterized and taught in public schools.

Precious Cargo Exhibit Tour

An exhibit on California Indian Cradle Basket Traditions created by the Marin Museum of the American Indian. Precious Cargo reveals what cradle baskets mean to California Indian families. By examining interrelated issues of birth, family, community, and health Precious Cargo presents a holistic view of Native traditions related to the design and use of cradle baskets.

Photography Collections

Two collections of photography reside in our hallways-the California Indian Edward S.Curtis collection and the Dugan Aguilar Collection.

Indigenous Foods of California: Acorns, Quails and Cattails Exhibit