Youth Resources

K-12 Survey: Impact of COVID-19 on AIAN K-12 students

Native students in California have been disproportionally impacted by COVID-19.  Please fill out the following survey to help us identify the most critical needs of our Native students and their families.  We will use this data to advocate for resources for all of our Native students in California. Participants will be entered into a raffle for COVID Student Care Packages featuring Native food items, home school supplies, t-shirts, stickers, and other surprises from The California Indian Museum and Cultural Center. Here is link to the survey: Please submit by June 1, 2020. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Coloring Pages

Native Northwest is offering free, culturally connected coloring pages, click here to visit their site

The NTVS Clothing wanted to thank you with a free coloring book, click here to download coloring pages