Field Trips & Programming


Registration for 2025 field trips will open later this year.

The California Indian Museum and Cultural Center Outreach Program provides engaging educational programming geared to people of all ages. It is great for class curriculum, groups, organizations, events and more. Please contact us, at least two weeks before your preferred date, to book yours in advance.

For more information or to book a program, please contact:
707-579-3004 ext. 241

Native STEM Maker Program & Field Trip

The CIMCC Native STEM Maker Program demonstrates how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are used in traditional lifeways, TEK application, and how they are incorporated in contemporary methods.  The Native STEM Maker Program includes adaptations of our traditional ecological knowledge presentation, digital media presentation, and guided tour of the museum (excludes mobile program visits).

The CIMCC STEM Maker Program is also available in a mobile format. This mobile program consists of two STEM stations and a brief lesson associated with each station.  The mobile program does not include the adaptations of the traditional ecological knowledge presentation or the digital media presentation.

Both programs accommodate groups of 30 students or less. Groups over 30 must be approved by CIMCC Staff and coordinated with the education coordinator.  Final headcount is due one week prior to your visit to allow ample time for material preparation.

Please keep in mind; materials provided for each visit are made available for the number of registrations indicated by the agency contact.

Native STEM Maker Program Fee:

$12.00 per student, up to 30 students, approximate visit time 1 to 2 hours
Groups of 30+ additional admission fees will apply

Outreach Programs

Hands-On Kit – Traditional Ecological Knowledge

The Hands-On Kit will be presented by a museum professional outreach educator to your group or class. The kit includes artifacts, baskets, images, tools, and more. Topics include: cultural practices, traditional lifeways, traditional foods/medicines, storytelling, and the impacts of colonization.  This presentation works well as a curriculum addition.

Accommodation: Groups of up to 40 people. (Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour).

Cost: $15.00 per student.

Add on activities can be added to a presentation.  They are priced per student to cover materials costs.

  • Basketmaking, $12.00 per student

Digital Media – California Indian History Power Point

The Power Point presentation will be presented by a museum professional outreach educator to your group. Topics include: California Indian History, California Mission History, California Gold Rush History, Ishi: A Story of Dignity, Hope and Courage, Tribal Sovereignty, Tribal Gaming, Sacred Sites and Religious Freedom, Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, Mascots and Stereotypes, California Tribal Cultural Sensitivity Training, Teacher Education Workshops and more. These presentations are excellent for college and high school classes, training workshops for teachers, and corporate events.

“Smart” classroom or meeting room with a computer/laptop, projector and screen are advised.

Accommodation: Groups of 50 or less people. (Approximately 1 hour).

Base Rate: please contact

Informational and Educational Booth

The California Indian Museum and Cultural Center forms partnerships with other groups and organizations by partaking in their cultural events. The two museum professional outreach educators will set up a booth or table. The educators will be ready to inform you about our events, exhibits, and opportunities, provide you with educational resources, and answer questions. Learn more about our Acorn Bites, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Language Apps, Mukurtu free and open platform, and Tribal Youth Ambassadors, at your next upcoming event. Please book at least one month in advance.

Cost: please contact