The CIMCC Native STEM Maker Program demonstrates how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are used in traditional lifeways, TEK application, and how they are incorporated in contemporary methods.  The Native STEM Maker Program includes adaptations of our traditional ecological knowledge presentation, digital media presentation, and guided tour of the museum (excludes mobile program visits).

The CIMCC STEM Maker Program is also available in a mobile format. This mobile program consists of two STEM stations and a brief lesson associated with each station.  The mobile program does not include the adaptations of the traditional ecological knowledge presentation or the digital media presentation.

Both programs accommodate groups of 30 students or less. Groups over 30 must be approved by CIMCC Staff and coordinated with the education coordinator.  Final headcount is due one week prior to your visit to allow ample time for material preparation.

Please keep in mind; materials provided for each visit are made available for the number of registrations indicated by the agency contact.

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To schedule a  Native STEM Maker program for your group call in advance: 707-579-3004 or request it online:

Native STEM Maker Program Fee:

$215.00 flat rate for one classroom, up to 30 students, approximate visit time 1 to 2 hours
Groups of 30+ additional admission fees will apply

Recommended material to read and view before and after your visit:

Native STEM Maker Program Curricula

Seven Essential Understandings Videos

Essential Understanding 1: Great Diversity Among Tribes

Essential Understanding 2: Diversity Among Identity

Essential Understanding 3: Native Traditional Beliefs

Essential Understanding 4: Policies that Affected Tribes

Essential Understanding 5: Reservations

Essential Understanding 6: History from a California Indian Perspective

Essential Understanding 7: Tribes Have Sovereign Powers

7 Essential Understandings for California Indian History and Culture

Prepared by the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center based on those developed under Montana Office of Public Instruction.


Click the link below for the PDF:
Free Virtual STEM Lessons and Tours

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