Honor the air program

Congratulations on taking your first step toward creating a smoke-free home for you and your family and using your strengths to cultivate change!

Native peoples have many strengths in addressing SHS and THS, including rich knowledge about our places, relationships with plant relatives, and long-time practices that contribute to our health. Our strengths offer us pathways to wellness. In Honor the Air, TYA4TC will provide you and your family with smoke-free home education support to help you draw upon the values and strengths already present in your life to develop and achieve an action plan to become smoke-free.

Key Benefits are as follows:  
  • Gain knowledge, tools, and resources to revitalize healthy cultural practices and achieve a smoke-free home.
  • Use your strengths and values to develop and achieve an action plan to become smoke-free.
  • Use traditional tobacco and medicines to return to Native ways of learning and celebrating life.
  • Offers pathways to wellness to support you and your family’s wellbeing.

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