Got Seaweed? – Natural Native Foods Help Fight Diabetes

So what is diabetes? “Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the body does not produce enough insulin, known as Type 1 diabetes, or the body cannot respond normally to the insulin that is made, Type 2 diabetes.”  In a healthy, properly working body, we eat our food, the food is digested, and blood sugar (glucose) enters our system and ...

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Brittany Bentley All My Relations Essay

I could not ever imagine watching someone come into my home and force me out. I cannot imagine watching someone take away everything I own, or everything I love in front of me with no way to stop it—but my ancestors had to live through that for years. There was pain, suffering, persecution, abuse, and discrimination for hundreds and hundreds ...

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Congratulations to all the Award Winners!!

The Cultural Guardian Award For the Cultural Guardian Award, the CIMCC board reviewed the activities of individuals who demonstrate a powerful commitment to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the cultural integrity of Indian tribes of California. The committee chose the recipient based on a demonstrated dedication to tribal cultural enhancement and preservation activities.  Individuals who promoted an intergenerational connection to culture ...

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