Advisory Council

Chairman: Brandon Schmidt – My name is Brandon Schmidt and I’m pomo from Sherwood Valley Rancheria. I’m interested in tobacco prevention because I think it is a problem for our indigenous community. I believe it is a gateway drug and an unhealthy hobby to use to cope with stress and boredom. I believe there are safer hobbies to have and better ways to fit in and look “cool.” Traditional tobacco is sacred. We use it for prayer and goodness. It is not something we should abuse and use recklessly.

Lake County Advisory Council Members

  • Youth Representative:
  • Adult Representative: Meyo Marrufo
  • Elder Representative: Milie Simon

Mendocino County Advisory Council Members

  • Youth Representative: Brandon Schmidt 
  • Adult Representative: Bonnie Lockhart
  • Elder Representative:

Sonoma County Advisory Council Members

  • Youth Representative: Jayden Lim
  • Adult Representative: Rose Hammock
  • Elder Representative: Deag Hoaglin

Community-Based Participatory Project
Our wellness initiative relies on our Native communities’ participation to produce appropriate changes in Sonoma, Mendocino and Lake County. The Project Advisory Council assists and supports the Tribal Youth Ambassadors for Tobacco Control by providing recommendations and approaches to Native community-based tobacco control efforts. The goal  of the Advisory Council is to assist this project in gaining support and involvement from our Native communities in order to promote Native community wellness and resiliency.

The 9-member Advisory Council meets bi-monthly throughout the 5-year Project. It is composed of youth, adults and elders from our local Native communities. The Advisory Council may form Ad Hoc Committees to assist with project activities and further Native Peoples’ involvement in preventing commercial tobacco use in our communities. To learn more about the Advisory Council, please feel free to view the By-Laws and Organizational Chart.

Advisory Council By-Laws

TYA for Tobacco Control Advisory Council Bylaws

Advisory Council Organizational Chart coming soon

If you are interested in serving on the Advisory Council or one of its Ad Hoc Committees, please use fill out the Advisory Council questionnaire at this link and a project staff member will contact you.