Tribal Youth Ambassadors Program Award

We had a great honor this past week. The California Indian Museum and Cultural Center has developed the Tribal Youth Ambassadors Program which was recognized by the President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities (PCAH). They received an award from the First Lady, Michelle Obama on Nov. 15th. They were one of 12 awardees out of some 260 programs. The PCAH selected Ms. Jayden Lim to speak at the awards ceremony. They choose one speaker and one performance group for the ceremony. We may be a little biased when we say that Jayden was awesome! Her speech begins at 21:40 in the video below. We encourage you to watch the whole thing but if you are limited on time please watch Jayden and the performance by the kids from the Sphinx program near the end of the video. They were amazing!

PRESS DEMOCRAT: Invited by Michelle Obama, a Santa Rosa teen spoke out against racism and for unity in front of a crowd of 200 people at the White House Tuesday.

Jayden Lim, 15, was there with her mother, Nicole Myers-Lim, to accept an award from the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program on behalf of Santa Rosa’s Tribal Youth Ambassadors. The local program also received $10,000.

The program was one of 12 throughout the country honored Tuesday by the first lady, though Lim was the only youth selected to speak.

“In some ways, I’m your average 15-year-old: I’m a sophomore in high school, I love music and I’m currently learning how to drive,” Lim said in her remarks.

But, she said, she also owns her own DJ business, and as a member of the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center’s Tribal Youth Ambassadors program, is deeply immersed in her Pomo Indian heritage.

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