Medicine of the People

“Virginia and I met 20 years ago and started Medicine of the People in 1995. Recently we changed part of our company name. We were Medicine of the people “A life way revolution” and now we are Medicine of the People “A Native America Made Product”. For us “A Native America made product” represents a way of making products that has our people’s needs in mind. It is a way of saying that we can make products that are distinctly ours. It is about being original, developing products with respect for our culture and the traditions that were passed on to us. It is about finding our voice and creating positive change.

We hand make and send our products all over the country and to a handful of other countries as well. I believe we are the most traditional Native herb company in the country that is consistently producing high quality products and wholesaling them far and wide. As we are going forward my mind is not on increas- ing profit margins it is on increasing our quality and creating new even more wonderful products.
Thank you for your business over the last 20 years!”

Medicine of the people Products