Aaron Carapella

“Growing up in Orange County, California, I was always intrigued by my Oklahoma Native roots. As a young kid I began reading about Native history, as well as attending Pow Wows. During my teenage years I got involved in the Native American community, working in areas such as: federal recognition for the Ajachamen and Gabrieleno peoples of Orange County, fighting racist mascots, bringing Native-friendly curriculum to local schools and also joining AIM-going to land occupations, protests, city hall meetings, etc. I also began to work on a handmade map reflecting as many Tribes as I found out about, using their traditional names in place of the more commonly-known ones. I have lived in many places across the US, traveling to about 300 Native communities over my lifetime. I finally released my first Tribal map a couple years ago, and have since been building a Western Hemisphere Tribal map one area at a time. I live in Stigler, Oklahoma, within the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, with my 2-year-old son Sequoyah.


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